About Us

Prisma Kiddos team

Ana was inspired by her daughter, and the current conversation about how parents can empower their children's identity.

As an elementary teacher and educational counselor, she deeply believes in equality of opportunities for boys and girls.

Seeing an opportunity to support her daughter's interest in non-stereotypical topics. Themes that depart from the traditionally marketed topics for girls, such as dinosaurs, airplanes, trains... Also STEM topics such as space and others. 

Margarita has been in the corporate world, used to work the oil and gas industry, but it wasn't for her... as she is more of a "kindred spirit", with a deep love and respect for Mother Nature and inspired to strive for a better and more equal world.

She decided to change pathways and is deeply passionate about the message that Prisma Kiddos designs deliver to parents and kids.

She looks for the day to day operations, and make sure the basics and direction keep themselves aligned.  

 Prisma Kiddos basics:

  • Promote designs that foster gender equality instead of stereotypes; clothes play an important role in expressing your character.
  • Sustainable clothes that are environmentally and socially responsible, using only premium quality materials.
  • Creating versatile garments, which can be used comfortably indoors and outdoors.